Summer 2014 - $1 Movies

All aboard! The Regal Summer Movie Express is NOW boarding! I've got to admit this is an annual summer activity our family enjoys and I am super excited to share it with our Mommy and Me programs this year! The 2014 Summer Movie Express runs for 9 weeks with select titles playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and admission is only $1. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute. 

Mrs. Mae's Summer Movie tips:

- Arrive early so you have time to go to the restroom and get good seating. The local summer camps usually attend these movies, so the seats may fill up quickly.

- Wait until after the movie to get treats from the concession booth, 10am is pretty earlier for "junk food.

- Don't forget your jackets or a small blanket because the theaters get cold.

- Oh and don't feel bad if the kiddos don't want to stay the first couple times, they usually get use to coming and even get excited about it! 

Florida's movies started this past Tuesday, June 10th, below is the 2014 movie schedule . . .

Movies by week: 

1 Hotel Transylvania PG 

1 The Smurfs 2 PG 

2 The Pirates: Band of Misfits PG 

3 Despicable Me 2 PG 

4 Lego PG 

4 Free Birds PG 

5 Adventures of TinTin PG 

5 Rise of the Guardians PG 

6 Kung Fu Panda 2 PG 

6 Madagascar 3 PG 

7 The Croods PG 

7 Epic PG 

8 Walking with Dinosaurs PG 

9 Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG 

Which movie is your little one's favorite?