Winn-Dixie's Kuddles Products Review

Winn Dixie is truly living up to their motto: "Getting better all the time!" by improving their Kuddles line of quality, affordable formula, diapers, and baby essentials. Last month, I went shopping for a few baby items (pictured below) and was super excited to try the improved Kuddles brand! My family has used Kuddles brand before just not on a regular basis, but since I am all for the store brands and I usually shop at Winn Dixie, I was optimistic about the products. 

Apple electrolyte drink: I think I was most excited to try this product because I had never seen the Apple flavored electrolyte drink in any brand, we usually just get the orange one. Of course, I had to taste it for myself  (Normally, I do this with anything I give my children) and I actually liked the flavor. Later during the week both kids became sick and I needed to use this (how convenient, right?) my 17 months old gulped it down without complaint and it seemed to keep her hydrated when she didn't want her water.

Garden Vegetable Little Munchers: These have to be one of the greatest snacks for tots! My little Princess loves these and the Kuddles brand, tastes the same at a lower price -- a great combination, I'd say. The same day we ran out because my 7 year also likes to snack on these too!

Size 5 Diapers: We're not quite at the potty training stage yet, so these colorfully designed (this mom loves cute, colorful children products) diapers are definitely needed. I decided to use them on the day when I'd be running errands and my little one would be in the diaper for a longer period of time to test how well it holds moisture... 4 hours and 6 minutes later, the diaper held up and no leaks!

Baby Shampoo: Smells good and works just as good as the name brands.

Strawberry Apple little puffs: One word: YUMMY! My kids and I enjoyed them!

Unscented wipes: Even though I love the smell of the scented wipes, my tot has very sensitive skin and can not use them, so I always get the unscented, Going through a few brands,  I've noticed that even though the wipes box may say its unscented that doesn't always mean it is a good fit for children with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. When I tried these wipes, not only did I love the flexible wipe dispenser design, but my tots little tush didn't become dry or bumpy from using them. Which is an awesome sign that the wipes work well with sensitive skin types.

Overall, I enjoyed using the Winn Dixie Kuddles products and I am sure I will be back soon to buy more! You can visit your local Winn Dixie to try out these products and their other quality, affordable store brands. To get you started we are giving away 2 - $25 Winn Dixie gift cards, you can enter to win below!
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Have you shopped Winn Dixie's baby products? What did you think?